Cemetery and Play Area

Cemetery and Play Area

The Village Council has a responsibility to maintain the Play Field and the Cemetery. Both facilities are situated within the boundaries of the Parish of Whitchurch, on opposite sides of the A37 (Wells Rd). The settings of each are rural with scenic views to Dundry Hill in the south and the Cotswold Hills to the North West. The main entrance to the cemetery is from Woollard Lane, whilst the Playing Fields are entered from Norton Lane.


Covering just over 2 acres, the cemetery was opened in 1952 and parts of it were consecrated in 1952 and 1967.
To either side of the main entrance there stands a wall made from local stone and very much in keeping with the surroundings. Within the cemetery, trees and grass are regularly maintained. There is also covered seating for quiet reflection, whilst taking in the backdrop of the Cotswold Hills. Burial and cremation plots are accommodated.

Rules and Regulations


Play Area

With land first purchased in 1983, the Village Council has constructed a family orientated play field of which the Council is justifiably proud. Covering some 1.6 acres, it is well used by families and children throughout the adjoining area, The site offers children’s climbing frames, swings and park equipment, in a safe and pleasant setting as well as a number of picnic tables and a large field area for ball games.